The Ultimate “Coolest” Cooler

Who hasn’t experienced the dreaded drag of a cooler to your destination whether tailgating, going to a BBQ or a beach.
The wheels get stuck. You forget plates. Or cups.The knife you left in the kitchen. Soggy sandwiches. There has to be a better way.

Enter The Coolest Cooler, a product that has over 60,000 people screaming, “Shut up and take my money”.

First a little background. In 2014, an enterprising group from Portland, OR set out to reinvent the Cooler with a campaign on Kickstarter to secure funding.  Over 60,000 people responded, ponying up over $13M (as in million) dollars making The Coolest the #1 backed project of 2014 and #2 of all time.

And here is why:

It has a friggin’ Blender and a Bluetooth Speaker for tunes built-in

The Coolest, courtesy Ryan Grepper via Kickstarter

More of a beer fan? No problem, it has a built-in bottle opener

Coolest 4

Plates and a ceramic knife are included

Coolest 2

It can keep your ice separate, keeping food from getting soggy


You can charge two USB devices at the same time

Coolest 3It will lock your stuff down

Coolest 5 Gear

Now shipping after a year-long wait, our Coolest Cooler is on order and should arrive in the next 30 days, just in time for tailgating season. We’ll be sure to post a full review once it arrives.

Credit: Pictures courtesy Ryan Grepper via Kickstarter

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