Fiorella’s Jack Stack in Kansas City

Ahh K.C. One of the best parts of being an airline pilot is exploring different parts of our great nation. This week I had a layover in Kansas City, and some of the locals on my flight gave me some suggestions for great Kansas City BBQ! It turns out that Jack Stack Barbecue is a short walk from the hotel, so of course I had to check it out!

I started with the beef burnt ends. They were big chunks of meat with great, burnt crusts. For my main course, I ordered the the beef brisket, pulled pork, and pork spare ribs. The meal would normally come with fries, but I ordered a side of the garlic Parmesan broccoli to accompany my meat. Normally there would be sauce on the plate, but I ordered it on the side. All of the meat had a great smoke flavor. The brisket had just the right amount of pull and honeycomb, the pulled pork had a nice amount of crispy bits, and the ribs had the perfect amount of bark.

In addition to a delicious meal, I had great service and overall an exceptional experience. For the record, the meat held up for a snack on my flight later in the evening!


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