Let’s Talk Turkey

It’s only 14 days before the Butterball 24-hour Turkey Talk-line opens up for 2011 and over 200,000 calls flood in.  It’s only a matter of weeks before everyone has turkey on their minds (heck, it’s already on mine), but I’m going to challenge everyone to try something new this year.   […]

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Fox Bros. BBQ in Atlanta

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q has a loyal following, having been named #1 BBQ in Atlanta by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Zagat, and others.  Now, Atlanta isn’t particularly well known for its BBQ, despite being the home city of The Big Green Egg Company.  Getting their start in 2000 when Jonathan Fox was frustrated with […]


Physicist Cracks BBQ Mystery

Have you ever done a long cook – maybe Brisket or Pulled pork only for it to come out dry and tough?  Ever notice how the temperature of the meat seems to plateau or stall for hours and hours?Many pitmasters have long believed that the stall was caused by a […]