Physicist Cracks BBQ Mystery

Have you ever done a long cook – maybe Brisket or Pulled pork only for it to come out dry and tough?  Ever notice how the temperature of the meat seems to plateau or stall for hours and hours?Many pitmasters have long believed that the stall was caused by a […]

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Profile: Adam Perry Lang

Adam Perry Lang may not be a household name in your neighborhood, but he sure is in ours.  His cookbook, “Serious Barbecue” is a favorite in our Sunday, “Test Kitchen”.  The classically trained graduate of the Culinary Institute of America has worked the top restaurants in NY, Paris, Las Vegas, […]

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Stoker Power Draft System

Like peanut butter and chocolate, two things that go great together are fire and electronics.  Ok, maybe not usually, but in the case of the Stoker Power Draft System by Rock’s Bar-B-Que, the level of convenience you get on a long cook makes it worthwhile.  “The Stoker” as it’s affectionately […]