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Dizzy Pig BBQ Rubs are a must have

By popular request, here’s a link to the full line of Dizzy Pig BBQ Rubs.  For those at PNW Eggfest 2012, we used Tsunami Spin and Pineapple Head on the Pig Candy and Bratwurst bites.  Both were a big hit!  Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust is our go-to rub for Pulled […]

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How to Design an Outdoor Kitchen

Since moving into our home nearly four years ago, there’s one unfinished feature that has bugged me more than any other – the drab cookie-cutter concrete aggregate slab in our backyard that serves as our patio. Dull, lifeless, and far too small for our family.  By some estimates, a backyard remodel […]

Courtesy: "Another Pint Please" on Flickr
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How to become a BBQ Judge

If you love good BBQ and spend your time hunting local restaurants for that perfect rib, the perfect chicken or brisket, you’ve been looking in the wrong place.  Rather than spending hard earned dollars on a hit or miss meal based on an online review, those in the know go […]