Welcome to BBQ Hawks, dedicated to the pursuit of grills, growlers, and grapes.  Our mission is to help you up your BBQ game.

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Sean A.

Sean’s love of BBQ started in college where he worked for an east coast catering company,  grilling at corporate events and parties. Attending school in BBQ country close to Kansas City, Memphis, Saint Louis, and Texas, he became a student of the many styles of BBQ. Fast-forward to kids and co-founder of the Pacific Northwest Big Green Eggfest, Sean has tried just about every type of smoker and grill from electric (cringe), to lump, log, pellet, propane, and natural gas.  When he’s not smoking or grilling, he’s probably judging a KCBS or PNWBA competition cook (or wishing he was!).   Sean’s favorite equipment includes the Big Green Egg, Traeger Timberline 1300, Weber Spirit, and Weber Kettle Performer depending upon the cook and weather.  Sean’s favorite rubs come from Dizzy Pig BBQ His favorite BBQ book is Adam Perry Lang’s, “Serious Barbecue“.   When not playing with fire, Sean is skiing, scuba diving, running, or playing Xbox with his boys (Gamertag: BBQHawk)  

SueAnn A.

SueAnn brings two unique aspects to BBQ Hawks. As a grillmaster in training with a thirst for wine knowledge, you’ll find an approachable perspective that makes BBQ, grilling, and wine culture accessible to everyone. Second, her profession as a Pilot gives her the unique ability to travel the globe. Be sure to check out her Vino Hawks Instagram and site at vinohawks.com