How it started

At a backyard barbecue in 2011, a group of friends convinced us to start sharing our recipes online. A shared love of grills, growlers, and grapes would fuel many experimental afternoons and evenings. BBQ Hawks continues as a passion project, led out of Tulsa, OK – conveniently close to other BBQ destinations including Austin, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Memphis, and San Antonio &
St. Louis. 

Sean & SueAnn the BBQ Hawks
Chef Sean

Sean's Story

To buy my first car, I spent weekends catering for a local Deli. As we dragged our custom-built oil barrel grills to the local lake, I discovered joy in feeding the crowds at church, company, and Lion’s Club cookouts, serving up heaps of burgers, hot dogs, sausages, chicken, and more. My love of grilling and BBQ led me to my college town of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where local BBQ joints stayed open into the night for students emerging hungry from local hangouts. I was hooked. I took courses from World Championship winners, catered over open spits for local club events. This led to co-founding a Big Green Eggfest and becoming a KCBS and PNWBA certified BBQ Judge.

SueAnn's Story

I grew up in the Midwest and went to Notre Dame before becoming a pilot and Lieutenant Colonel in the USAFR. Now I’m a Captain for a major air line where I enjoy traveling and seeking out new BBQ adventures from Anchorage to Austin! I just completed my WSET Level 2 and can regularly be found cooking alongside Sean and pairing some wonderful wines!

Always up for a Collaboration

Interested to partner? Have feedback or recommendations? Feel free to reach out!