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GrillGrates are interlocking grate panels that fit across the surface of your grill. They can replace your existing grates or just cover them. GrillGrates amplify the heat of your grill, reduce burning, and deliver restaurant quality sear marks all at once. GrillGrates are made of hard anodized aluminum which is fire proof, rust proof and functions as an incredible heat conductor for all grill toppers. Heat is transferred evenly through the metal and flavor is amplified by the evaporated juices that hit the super heated valleys between the rails. The raised rails amplify heat while aluminum conducts heat efficiently to eliminate those pesky hot and cold spots. The non-stick, hard anodized surface of GrillGrates promotes even heat and sizzling, juicy food no matter where you are. GrillGrates eliminate flare-ups and excessive charring for better, faster cooks. How? The raised rails trap and conduct heat, while the valleys sizzle juices for added flavor, moisture and tenderness. This is a perfect recipe for control and flexibility – not to mention bold sear marks and a great sizzle every time! ¹³

All GrillGrate sets come with the GrateTool. An all-purpose flipping, cleaning spatula built specifically to work with GrillGrates unique raised rail system. No additional cost required!

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