Smoked “Fatty” Sausage Roll

We had a friend visiting us this weekend that had one request – “make me something on your grill.”  Firing up our grill or smoker is usually a given on the weekends, but this particular weekend we had limited time and the temperature was in the low 30’s, so not exactly my ideal grilling weather.   Hmm, something easy and quick on the smoker…it finally came to me.  I would smoke a couple “fatties” for Sunday breakfast.

“Smoking a fatty” may be a phrase that is familiar to some, but in the BBQ world it equates to deliciousness!  The recipes is as follows:

Buy a log of Jimmy Dean sausage (or any other brand) – any variation will work (i.e. Maple, Hot, Mild, etc.)  Remove the plastic wrapping, leaving the sausage “chub” intact.  Roll in your favorite BBQ rub.  Smoke for an hour or two at around 250-300 (until it reaches an internal temperature of 160).  Slice into medallions and serve alone or on your favorite bagel or breakfast biscuit.

On a biscuit with cream cheese
Bacon Explosion

There are several variations too.  You can baste with your favorite BBQ sauce during the last 20 mins.  You can stuff with cheese or veggies, or you can go completely crazy and turn it into a full Bacon Explosion.  The possibilities are endless.


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