Grill Grates Deliver Amazing Results

It’s rare we find a product so much, that we have to buy them for pretty much everyone we know.  Grill Grates are just such a product.  So simple, yet effective, the Grill Grates convert any gas, wood, or lump grill into a high-heat searing station.

I’ve had my Grill Grates for a year now, used them on the Big Green Egg, an Infrared Gas Grill and traditional Gas Ranges.  In every case, they work flawlessly.  I’ve also discovered if I put a few wood chips in between the grates, I get amazing smoky flavor.  The product works as-advertised.  flare-up are gone, and replaced with flavor.  Chicken and pizza are also amazing on the Grill Grates.  Every boneless/skinless chicken breast I’ve done on the Grill Grates comes out perfectly juicy, not dried out.  The basic principles of direct infrared and convection heat come into play here.

Grill Grates are also great Small Business story.  After years in the Chemical Industry product management business, Brad Barrett turned a grilling patent into a fast-growing business.  Grill Grates are Made in the USA, and a multi-award winner including the National BBQ Association Award of Excellence.  Complete with a 30-day money back guarantee, check out the CNN Money feature to learn more about their story.

My only complaint is that the included tool could be made of a higher gauge metal to make it easier to scrape and clean between the grates.

Tip: If you have a Big Green Egg or might get one in the future, get the BGE grill versions and use them on your gas grill.  They’re interchangeable!  Reasonably priced starting at $39.99 for a gift set, the interlocking grates can be added to over time.  If you have a large grill, we have a feeling you’ll buy a few, then add more to cover the whole grill.

After a full year of testing, we can say without a doubt, Grill Grates are one of our favorites.

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