S’mores in a Cast Iron Skillet

Searzall TopA few weeks ago we went camping with some great friends out at Twin Harbors State Park and ended up with the double-whammy of rain and absolutely no campfires allowed due to the historic droughts in the State of Washington. The ban was state-wide and only propane camp stoves are allowed. The kids were getting restless and wanted S’mores. I can hear them now – “No s’mores Dad? No campfire? This sucks!”

It was time to break out the Searzall

First a little bit about the Searzall. Created as a Kickstarter campaign by Booker and Dax Labs of Momofuku fame, the Searzall turns a handheld propane torch into a supercharged broiler. If you have ever had a steak turn out with less char than you like, or wanted to get a nice browned crust on your ham, the Searzall is an indispensable tool. It also happens to fit easily in your camping gear and with a standard torch, uses the same propane tank as your portable camping stove.

On to the recipe:

Searzall 2Searzall’d S’mores in a Cast Iron Skillet




  1. Place chocolate in an even layer on bottom of skillet
  2. Place Marshmallows in an even layer on top of chocolate
  3. Put skillet over medium heat for approx 5-10 minutes or until chocolate starts to melt.
    Note: The cast-iron will distribute heat and stay warm, melting the chocolate after you remove heat. 
    Searzall Golden
  4. Fire up your Searzall and wave it over the top of the marshmallows in a circular motion.
  5. Continue until you get a nice golden crust.  If you get too close and set one on fire, remove and retry.
  6. Spoon the melted chocolate and marshmallow onto graham cracker. Enjoy!

Cooking Time:
 15 minutes

Number of Servings: ~6 Adults. Note the recipe can be doubled for a larger skillet and group.

The results? The best damn s’mores I’ve ever had in my life. The marshmallows were gooey and the chocolate actually melted! The downside: Cleaning the pan is a bit of a pain, but still TOTALLY worth it.

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