Oak Wood Smoked Beef Back Ribs on the Big Green Egg

20180422_012730044_iOSA modified version of Adam Perry Lang’s Beef Back Ribs featured in BBQ 25: The World’s Most Flavorful Now Made Foolproof, this uncomplicated recipe had our picky eating 10 year old bowled over and asking for more. Our modifications included using a boullion paste and Salt Lick Dry Rub. We tried two different versions – one with the honey and onion wrap, the other dry. The honey definitely imparted a slightly sweet tang to the ribs. The other experiment we did was separating the ribs prior to cooking. In the future I wouldn’t do this as you run more of a risk of drying out. We were lucky they did not.


Here you can see the setup after the first hour and twenty minutes. We did one four-bone rack and it was enough for two adults and two kids with a little left to spare.

BBQ Hawks Beef Back Ribs (inspired by Adam Perry Lang)

Yield: 6-8
Time: 4 hours+


  • Four five-bone racks beef back ribs

For the seasoning:

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