Christmas Mulled Wine

Smoked Mulled Wine Recipe

Who doesn’t love a good warm adult beverage during the winter and holiday season? Last year we discovered this smoked mulled wine recipe on the Traeger website and served it at our holiday party. It was an instant hit and has solidified its spot on our annual menu!

Smoked Mulled Wine on the Traeger
A cast iron dutch oven or Creuset is a great way to smoke and serve.

We stayed pretty true to this Holiday recipe. For the wine, you can use any daily drinker or table wine, save the good stuff for Christmas dinner. We used a cabernet sauvignon, but a red blend or merlot would work great as well.

The wine only takes an hour to smoke; after it’s done smoking, transfer to the stove on simmer to keep it warm. If you don’t have a smoker, you can still make this delicious wine on the stove top in a good ol’ sauce pan. In the video, we made a half-recipe to test it out before Christmas, but we highly suggest making a full batch if you have more than two adults.

Holiday Mug and Mulled Wine
Be sure to serve in a cheery mug or cup!

We hope you enjoy this fun Holiday mulled wine recipe as much as we do! For other great holiday recipes, check out our Mad Max x Martha (Stewart) Turkey recipe or our ever-popular Maple Jack Glazed Ham! We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

Easy to make, serve and enjoy!

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