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The Ultimate BBQ Cutting Board

We know what you’re thinking.  A cheap plastic board or any large stick of wood should work fine as a cutting board.  But this is the Tesla of cutting boards.  With enough space to take appetizers and steaks out to the grill and plenty of room for au jus to run off the board leaving your countertops clean.  Rubberized feet underneath help keep everything firmly in place and the reversible cutting board lets you go from raw to cooked to clean in one trip.  We got received many comments on this one at PNW Eggfest 2012, we’re putting the link up here.  Big thanks to Sean’s wife for finding us this one.  Now you can get it direct from the manufacturer.

Update July 6th 2012: Costco is now offering this amazing cutting board in stores (confirmed in Pacific NW) as the Bar-B-Board.  Check out your local Costco and see if you can get it for yourself.  I’m going to buy another this weekend.

All the more reason, we approve!

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