The Go Plate As Seen on TV

The Go Plate is the answer to the age old challenge of how do you eat and hold your drink at the same time?

Hold your plate and drink in one hand easily, then eat, greet, and cheer with the other hand. They’re perfect for tailgating, picnics, outdoor concerts, street fairs and more. The Go Plate has a specially engineered center cone that accommodates glass bottles and aluminum cans, resting comfortably and snugly around them, and it has a specially designed ridge that can also accommodate standard 16/18-ounce plastic cups.To enjoy your beverage, you just lift The Go Plate off.

Available for $14.99 in a 10-pack from, these reusable plates are reasonably priced.

Here’s to hoping version 2.0 adds a notch for a wine glass for our wives. 😉  Despite this fact, we declare The Go Plate a “must” for our July 4th Party and is approved!

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  1. In the meantime, I’ll try not to balk at drinking my wine out of a Solo cup. 😉


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