Jack’s BBQ wins best of Seattle

JacksCongratulations to Jack Timmons, proprietor of Jack’s BBQ, winner of Seattle Weekly’s annual “Best Of”.  As Seattle Weekly puts it, “In a city where barbecue joints don’t tend to stick to regional styles, Jack’s large, no-frills space stands out as a Central Texan tribute, on a lonely strip of Airport Way in Georgetown.”

We first enjoyed Jack’s cooking at the Seattle Brisket Experience, his foray into commercial BBQ before opening his own joint.  Jack is from Texas, a former Microsoftie and the joint offers great cocktails as well.  Be sure to check it out, not far from microbreweries and wine cellar favorites Kerloo Cellars, Schooner Exact, and Scarborough Winery if you want some great beer or maybe a Tempranillo to go along with that!

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  1. there was no link to http://www.jacksbbq.com/ inthe article … had to go use Bing! 🙂


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