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Visiting the Big Green Egg Headquarters

Visiting the Big Green Egg's new HQ!

It’s a pilgrimage I have to recommend for any Big Green Egg owner, barbeque or grilling enthusiast – visiting the motherland of the official Big Green Egg headquarters in the Atlanta, GA region.

During a Summer trip to visit family in Atlanta, we made the stop to the new Big Green Egg HQ location at 3786 DeKalb Technology Parkway Atlanta, GA 30340.  It’s only about 30 minutes from most northern locations in the Atlanta area. We learned  Big Green Egg just moved into their new facilities designed to better accommodate retail expansion and a brand new Retail Store and Culinary Center.  The new location can be a little bit of a challenge to find, with GPS requiring we take a few suburban roads but it was worth the trip. Big Green Egg Company

From the moment you arrive, you know you’re in in Egg country.  Even the lines in the parking lot are green!
The staff in the retail store were friendly and knowledgeable, and eager to strike up a conversation about our Eggventures in Seattle.  We were impressed by the retail expansion of the Big Green Egg branded product lines, with t-shirts, and more Eggcessories than you can shake a stick at.20150725_151205718_iOS

20150725_152251731_iOS20150725_152152471_iOS20150725_152145672_iOS20150725_152103540_iOS20150725_152110874_iOS20150725_152116770_iOS20150725_152130036_iOS 20150725_152426260_iOS

The best part however is their Culinary Center.  Connected right to the retail store, this is a full Chef’s kitchen and demonstration location with a Patio just off to one side with multiple Eggs of every size set up for cooking demonstrations, classes, and more.  We were fortunate to be there when the team was pulling some fun breakfast dishes off the Eggs at about 9:30a on a Saturday.  They were delicious!  I can definitely see this space taking off with Chefs from around the world coming in for special events.  You can sign up for cooking classes now as well.  My only regret is they don’t have one of these facilities in Seattle.

20150725_151955952_iOS 20150725_152005698_iOS 20150725_151751284_iOS

Last up was the Big Green Egg museum.  A lot has been written about Ed Fisher, Founder and Chairman of the Big Green Egg Company so we won’t rehash here, but suffice to say the museum was fun to see.  I was a little surprised the disrepair of some of the original Big Green Eggs.  I get the vintage idea, but like a vintage car, it would be nice to see them restored to their original, “Showroom” style.

20150725_153026973_iOS 20150725_153113964_iOS 20150725_153131401_iOS






The final highlight of the trip was, “Eggzilla” – the famed prototype Big Green Egg (and largest in the world) designed to be taken to special events and expos, “Eggzilla” is large enough to hold two whole hogs. I’m about 6′ tall and was dwarfed by the size. You can see my hand for scale.


This Eggzilla prototype has taken up permanent residence in the Big Green Egg corporate headquarters from what I can tell and hasn’t been cooked on before.

Tip: If you stop in, be sure to grab one of the Big Green Egg “BGE” European-style stickers.  They’re free, and after slapping one on my Surface Pro 3, I get lots of questions and fun discussions about it.


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